Tamara Medici

She Later became an Ambassadress of her city, with a project launched to the world next to the Rimini municipality, to promote it ', thus writing a song in eight languages, using a press office in Dubai-PNR PRESS that translates articles into six most important languages in the world.

In 2016 she wrote and composed an Ep. with Federico Spagnoli, author of Mina and Celentano, for a Christmas compilation. In 2017 she was called by Athena Gioielli to be a testimonial of the new jewelry collection "I gatti di Alice ", while "Hit Mania " Launched from 2016, every month, a new single from her, found in all kiosks, Mediaworld and Autogrill from Italy. .

Today Tamara decides to go out with her real name in a new electro-Latino pop project created by Loris Ceroni with four nominations at Grammy Awards.